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Conceptual Framework for Understanding the Risks to Early Leaving/ NEEThood

Year: 2020
Authors: Ceri Brown, Ioannis Costas Batlle, Nicola Savvides & Alison Douthwaite
Link: https://vimeo.com/431748528
This short video explains a conceptual model for understanding the risks to early leaving for young people, or what in the UK is referred to as being not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET). It has been created by Ceri Brown, Ioannis Costas Batlle, Nicola Savvides and Alison Douthwaite from the department of Education, University of Bath. It has been produced for the Tackling Early Leaving (TEL) training programme as part of the European-funded Orienta4YEL project, a three year study aiming to understand and intervene on Early Leaving across five nations in Europe: Spain, Portugal, Germany, Romania and the UK.
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