Follow-up meeting | Institut Jaume Cabré (Spain)


Follow-up meeting | Institut Jaume Cabré (Spain)

Venue: Online

The Jaume Cabré Institut (Terrassa) is working hard to confront early school leaving.

On February 5, 2021, in the framework of the European Orienta4YEL Project (, a follow-up meeting was held between the CRiEDO members of the project team, Anna Díaz and Jordi Codina, and the driving team of the Jaume Cabré Institute from Terrassa.

The meeting served to know the kind of actions carried out by the Institut to confront early school leaving. Specifically, they are focus on two main actions: a) the development of the group and individual tutorials actions to establish personalized plans, and b) the support for young people’s learning inside and outside of the formal curriculum, designing activities and projects with the wider community (the Music House, Terrassa Conservatory, Elders social centre, ESCAC, among others).

The institute has been working along these lines since it opened three years ago. The involvement in the Orienta4YEL Project is helping them to value the work done and focus even more on providing opportunities for learning in a group of young people from a socially disadvantaged environment, with few opportunities to participate in initiatives beyond their neighbourhood and family.
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