We will be present in the next ECER2021


We will be present in the next ECER2021

Venue: Online event - Geneve

Website: https://eera-ecer.de/ecer-2021-geneva/

The Erasmus+ Project Orienta4YEL(coordinated by UAB) will be present in the ECER2021, Geneve, which is going to behold online between 6 September and Friday 10 September of 2021.

The Symposium proposal "Understanding the risks to early leaving. Exploring the risk and support factors in Europe" will be composed of 4 papers:
* An analytic framework to explore the risk and support factors of early leaving: a comparative analysis of Spain and England.
* The structural factors as a risk to early leaving in Portuguese professional courses: the Case of Leiria Region.
* When prevention is not enough: managing early school leaving.
* Concepts for dealing with youth at risk of early leaving school or training -German experiences.

The objective is to present the issue of early leaving (EL) from the point of view of five European national contexts (Spain, UK, Portugal, Romania and Germany), exploring the causes, critical and protective factors to prevent EL. Besides understanding the situation in these five European countries through their similarities and differences, data gathered will help inform an intervention plan for addressing EL in Europe.

The Symposium will be coordinated by PhD. Patricia Olmos (UAB), Co-IP of the project. The papers will be discussed by the PhD. Ioannis Costas, a researcher from the University of Bath.
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